Android Multi Tools Download Latest Version 2022 (How to Use Guide)

Assume that you have forgotten the password, PIN or pattern that you use in your phone’s lock screen. What are you going to do now? Most probably, you will take it to a service station and get the lock reset. But do you know that there is an amazing tool to reset the phone’s lock without taking it to a service station? It is Android Multi Tools v1.02b. In this article, we are going to guide you on downloading and using that tool in the correct way to unlock your phone.

What is Android Multi Tools?

The main objective of the Android Multi Tools is unlocking an Android device when a user forgets its password, PIN or pattern. Apart from that, it offers a lot of features to Android users. Let’s jump right into those features.

What are the Features that Android Multi Tools Offers?

  • Check Device  You can check whether your Android device is successfully connected to your computer or not using this option.
  • Reset Face/PIN Lock  You can reset the face lock or PIN of your device using this feature.
  • Reset Face/Gesture Lock This option will help you to unlock face lock or gesture without losing data on your device. Put a new lock after rebooting your device.
  • Reset Gmail If you forgot the credentials of your Gmail account then you can reset them using this feature.
  • Wipe Data This option will delete all data from your Android device. So before using this feature, back up all your data.
  • Reboot With this Feature, you can reboot your Android device in just one click.
  • Check Device On Fastboot Mode You can check the connection status of your Android device when it is in Fastboot mode.
  • Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode This feature is for deleting all the data and cache in the device when it is in Fastboot mode.
  • Exit Fastboot Mode If you want to exit from the Fastboot mode then this feature allows you to do that.
  • Go To Command Prompt With this option, you can exit from the Multi Tools and return to the Windows Command-Line.
  • Software Info If you want to find out the software details of your Android device such as the Android version and ROM, then this option will help you to find them.
  • Hardware Info You can check the hardware details of your Android device such as WiFi, G-sensor, camera, touch screen, etc. using this option.
  • Report/Contact Me If you find any issues or bugs related to this software you can contact the developer with this option.
  • Driver Download With this option, you can download any drivers that are not installed on your computer.
  • Help You can view the user manual of the software using this feature.
  • Donate Click this option and then you will be redirected to a web page. There, you can donate money to the developer.

How to Use Android Multi Tools v1.02b | Download Android Multi Tools 2022 (Latest Version)

1. Download and install Android SDK on your PC because it is required for the proper functionality of the Android Multi Tools.

2. Download the Android Multi Tools v1.02b on the computer.

3. Unzip the downloaded Android Multi Tools zip file.

4. Go inside the folder and run the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file.

Android Multi Tools v1.02b Download Latest

5. Once the installation is completed, the command prompt window will appear.

how to use android multi tools

6. Turn on USB debugging mode on your Android device.

Enable usb debugging android

8. Connect the Android device to your computer using a USB cable.

9. Select the option that you want from the command prompt. Be careful when you select an option because your wrong selection can erase all the data from your Android device.


We hope that our guide helped you to download and use the Android Multi Tools v1.02b accurately. If you are planning to use this tool to wipe data on your Android device, then it is better to back up all your data before doing that. So if you faced any issues downloading or using any steps above, let us know them in the comment section.

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