How to Share Wi-Fi Password from Mac to iPhone

If you are connected to the internet from your Mac you can now share the wifi password to your iPhone and browse the internet on iPhone. This is helpful when you are traveling or out from home. So today, we will discuss the requirements and how to share wifi password from mac to iPhone.

The ‘Share your Wi-Fi ‘feature was first introduced to mac on iOS platform 11. This gave Apple users the possibility to share the wifi password with other Apple devices. You can share your wifi network password with another iPhone user or anther Apple Mac. But of course, all the Apple iOS and macOS versions do not support this feature and you should check if they have the latest versions of iOS/macOS.

Before you begin, make sure you check these things.

  • Save your Apple id in the contacts app on the other device.
  • Check if wifi and Bluetooth are turned on in both devices if they are not turned on, turn them on.
  • Keep the two devices closer within the wifi and Bluetooth range. Usually, this range is less than 50m.
  • Do not turn the personal hotspot on in either of the devices.

Checking the software version and updating.

Check the version of your iOS / macOS. To this to work, iOS should be version 11 or later. For macOS, it should be high sierra or later. Follow the steps below to check if you do not know the version.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad,

  • Go to settings from the home screen.
  • Go to the general tab.
  • Go to about section. The version of the iOS running on the device will be visible there.

ios software version update

If your iOS is outdated, follow these steps to update

  • Go to Settings, then General.
  • You can see the tab Software update there. Click on it, and you will be instructed to update the iOS.
  • Make sure you follow all the instructions properly and backup your device data before updating the device software.

If you are using Mac,

  • Go to the Apple menu and click on about this mac.
  • You will see the version number of the macOS you are using.

If your version is outdated,

  • Again go to the Apple menu and go to System Preferences.
  • Select the Software update.
  • You will see a message there if an update is available. By clicking the update now, you can update your macOS.

If you had to update your system, please ensure that the system is properly updated and reboot the device before you begin.

Share Wi-Fi Password from Mac to iPhone

If you have checked all the things in the above list and your system is up-to-date now, you can safely proceed to share your wifi password.

  • Now before you begin, make sure that your mac is unlocked and connected to a wifi network. Then turn on both wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Now get your iPhone and turn on Bluetooth and wifi. Choose the option wifi network and bring it close to the Mac.
  • Then a notification will display to share the password. Click share. If you decline, the password will not be shared.

If this is not working, check these things too.

  • Wifi and Bluetooth should be turned on in both devices.
  • If either device has a wifi hotspot turned on turn it off.
  • Make sure both devices are signed in to iCloud with Apple ID. And the email address which is used to sign in to apple Id should be saved in each other’s contacts.
  • Make sure both devices are within the wifi and Bluetooth range.
  • Restart both the devices and try again.

You can do it the other way around too. if you are connected to a wifi network from your iPhone you can share the password to your Mac. Let’s see how to do that.

First, check the thing we mentioned before.

  1. Keep your iPhone unlocked and connect to the wifi network.
  2. In the Mac, Go to the Menu Bar and click on the wifi icon. Select the wifi network from the list shown (make sure that the iPhone is connected to the same wifi network)
  3. You will be prompted to enter the network password. Do not enter it.
  4. From iPhone go to the wifi settings and select the wifi network; then click on share password.
  5. On the mac, you will see the password is automatically filled. Then tap on done to connect to the network.

For some reason, if sharing a password is not working, you can set up a hotspot from mac to share your internet connection with your iPhone. But of course, you will have a limited range and slower connection, but it will be the best option available for you rather than using a mobile connection. But to this to work, your mac should be connected to an Ethernet connection rather than a wifi connection. This means your Mac should be connected to the internet by a cable, not by a wifi network.

To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Select System Preference from the Apple menu on your Mac.
  • Then go to the sharing icon if you do not see it click on the icon with the dots.
  • You will see a list with many checkboxes on the left side of the sharing dialog box.
  • Click on internet sharing to check the box.
  • Choose Ethernet as “share your connection from’ Option.
  • Then click on wifi as the ‘to computers using” option.
  • Click on wifi options to configure the wifi network.
  • Now you can provide a name to the network and choose a password for added security. Click on OK when you are done.
  • Now check the box beside internet sharing, and you will be prompted with a dialog box. Click on start to start your wifi hotspot.

Then take your iPhone and Go to WI-Fi and you will see a new wifi network with the name you set up in the Mac. Please select it and connect to it. Remember, this method will not work if your Mac is connected to the internet through wifi.

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