How to Share Wi-Fi Password From Android to iPhone

Wi-Fi has become a basic human need now and it’s available almost everywhere. But the problem occurs when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network. There are open Wi-Fi networks that you can connect to without any trouble but most of the Wi-Fi networks are password protected. So you will need to find someone who knows the password and often the people who know the password are quite a few. So this can bring you a lot of trouble. So today we discuss how to share a Wi-Fi password from android to iPhone.

Every Wi-Fi network has an SSID and a network password. When you are connected to the network, the SSID is shown as the network name. If you have a home wifi network it is strongly advised to set up a complicated and long wifi password just to increase the security of the network. Wi-fi networks are vulnerable to many other networks and can easily be attacked. But sharing long and complicated passwords is a pain. That’s why we are presenting you with these solutions to make it easier.

Share Wi-Fi Password From Android to iPhone

Wi-Fi QR Code Generation with Android 10

Android 10 was released in September 2019 and now almost every android device is upgraded to android 10. With Android 10 update there is cool stuff you can do with your smartphone. One of the best features that came along with this update is creating a QR code with the information about your wifi network!!  You just have to connect to the network, generate the QR code and you are all set to go. The QR code will store the SSID and the password of your wifi network. Since only a QR code scanner read it, it is ever safer than telling the password to others, writing it down on a paper, or sending it via a text message. The people who want to connect to the Wi-Fi network just have to scan the QR code and they can connect to the network instantly!! This method work for both android and iPhones.

Now here are the steps you need to follow to get the QR code.

1. First, turn on wifi and find the network you need to connect, then connect it by using the network password.

2. Once you are connected, go to settings then find wifi settings. It is usually under network and internet settings.

how to share wifi password from iphone to android without password

3. You will see a list of network names and you will see the word ‘connected’ under the network name which you are currently connected.

4. You will see a small gear icon or settings icon next to the wifi network name. Click on it.

how to transfer wifi password from android to iphone

5. You will see something like “Share“ or “Share Network” there. Click on it and the Wifi QR code will generate automatically.

how to send wifi password from android to iphone via qr code

6. Now you just need to scan the QR code from the iPhone camera to join it.  If your phone has iOS 11 you can use just the iPhone camera app for this. Otherwise, you may need to find a third-party app from the play store to do it.

If you have iPhone 11 in your device,

  1. Go to the home screen and open the iOS camera App.
  2. Focus the camera at the QR code; when focused properly the app will automatically recognize the QR code.
  3. It will then show a notification asking you If you want to join the network. Tap join and you will join the network.

The only matter with this method is you cannot save the QR code so you will have to generate it, again and again, to share it with more people. But as a simple solution take a screenshot and save it, so you can save some time.

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QR code generator apps for Android

If you do not have android 10 in your android device, the above-mentioned method will not work. The update for that feature only came along with android 10. As an alternative approach to the same method you can download QR code generator from the play store. Then you can generate a QR code as same as above and share it. The only downside is you will need to enter the password and SSID manually. So if you do not know the password of the network you are out of luck. Otherwise, both these methods will work fine to share wifi password from android to iPhone.

Creating a wifi hotspot

You can create wifi hotspot in both android and iPhone. But you may have noticed that you cannot create a wifi hotspot while you are connected to a wifi network. But there are ways to bypass this. You can find apps to create hotspots even if you are already connected to a wifi network from your android device. This is called wifi repeater, but this will just extend the wifi network from the android device to the iPhone, not connect the iPhone to the original wifi network. So this is not the best solution but you can try.

NetShare – No-root-tethering

This app creates a wifi hotspot and will show you details about the connected devices. If you are connected to a wifi network already this will work as a wifi repeater.  You will have to configure some additional proxy settings in this app and there are instructions to follow. No root access to your android device is needed to use this app. But this app is limited to a certain extent and you will have to upgrade the app to pro to use it without limitations

  • Install the app in your phone
  • Open the app and click on “start wifi hotspot”
  • Now from the iPhone connect to the network created by the app using the password given by the app
  • After connecting go to the network settings by tapping the ‘I’ button.
  • You will see the option “configure proxy’ to go to it and choose “manual”.
  • Now provide the proxy settings (IP and port) displayed in the app. Hit save and you are all set.

This method will drain the battery of your android device quickly since the iPhone just gets the hotspot from your android device. So as said before, we do not recommend this method to follow unless you cannot generate a QR code to your network.

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