How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android Phone or Tablet

If you have deleted a video you need by mistake on your phone, you might be able to recover it. There are a couple of ways to do this. In this article, we hope to discuss how to recover deleted videos from an android phone.

Deleting unnecessary videos on your mobile phone is essential for many reasons. The most important advantage of it is that you can free up a lot of storage by deleting videos. There could be hundreds of videos on our device taking up more than half of the storage. These videos could be videos you downloaded from the internet or recorded from your phone. All these videos are saved in our gallery you can see all the videos in the gallery at once or see them in folders. You can delete these videos one by one or delete multiple videos by selecting, there is a select all option too. If you have deleted any video you want, do not worry we will give you some solutions.

Recover deleted videos from google account

Sometimes your whole gallery is backed up into your google account. You can check your google drive account and if your gallery is backed up there, you may be able to find the video.

  1. Open google drive(if you do not have the google drive app download it from the play store)
  2. Sign in with the email account connected to the phone.
  3. You can check the drive for the deleted videos.

If you do not see the video in drive it means you have not backed up your gallery into google drive. We will tell you how to do it later in this article.

Recover deleted videos in android from trash

A bin or trash folder is a temporary folder that keeps all the deleted gallery items for a maximum of 60 days. This folder holds up to 1.5 GB of memory and, if your trash is not full, all the deleted items in your gallery go to trash for 60 days. Many gallery apps have a trash folder. So you may need to check it for the deleted video.

Recover deleted video from the google photos app.

Google photos app is the gallery app provided by google for every android phone. You can find it in the google services folder in your app.

To go to trash,

  1. Open Google Photos app
  2. Sign in to your google account using your email
  3. Now from the bottom panel, select “library
  4. Now on the top, you will see “trash” or “bin” click on it
  5. Now find the video you want to recover
  6. Tap to select it
  7. Click on ‘restore’ to restore it.

When you restore the video it will be available in your google photos library. You can also find it in the phone’s gallery app and any album it was in.

Recover deleted video from Samsung gallery app

There is a bin folder in the Samsung Gallery app. you can access that folder by following the below steps and recover the deleted video easily.

  1. Open gallery app
  2. On the bottom, you will see a button with three lines
  3. Click on that to open a menu.
  4. In the menu select “recycle bin”
  5. Now you will see the deleted videos and photos
  6. Click on the video and select restore.

If your video does not appear in the bin folder it may be because of the following reasons,

  • You deleted the video 60 days ago
  • You have emptied the trash
  • You have selected the “delete permanently “ option when you delete it
  • Your trash was full when you were deleting the video.

Recover deleted videos from android using an app

There are many apps in the play store that will help you to recover your deleted videos. You can select one of the apps and download and try to recover the deleted videos. We will briefly explain some of the apps below for you.

Dumpster – Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery: This app is a widely used app with over 10 million downloads. The app is less in size and has more functionality. It can recover not only videos and photos but also apps and other files. There are more other functions such as a lock screen. You do not need any internet connection to use this app which is a huge advantage. However one of the downsides is that If you are not using a premium account in this app you will have to see a ton of ads while using this app.

Photo Recovery-Deleted Data Recovery-Restore Files:  This app allows you to create backups and recover any type of media on your device. You can retrieve deleted videos using this app.

Recover deleted videos in the SD card.

If all the above steps didn’t work for you and, if the deleted videos were in your SD card you can try recovering the SD card separately. This may give you a higher chance of success than trying to recover deleted video from the phone directly. But the process is a bit complex than the above-mentioned methods, we will try to explain it in simple terms.

  1. Remove your SD card from the phone.
  2. Connect it separately to a PC. For this, you can get a card reader (in laptops there are build-in card readers, you just want to get a mounting chip)
  3. Now you will be able to see the SD card in your computer as a separate drive.
  4. Download a recovery software for PC. (we recommend downloading Recuva a reliable app for windows)
  5. Scan the SD card through the recovery app and find the files you can recover.
  6. Select the videos you want to recover and recover them.

So these are the methods you can try to recover the videos which were deleted in android. We hope that at least one of the methods helped you to recover deleted videos from your android phone. But keep in mind that we cannot guarantee 100% that all deleted videos are recoverable. Especially recovering deleted video depends on the time you have deleted the videos. If you have deleted the videos a very long time ago, you have a very little chance of getting them back.

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