How To Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone and Android

If you are a Whatsapp user, it is most likely you use Whatsapp calling too. Whatsapp calling is way cheaper and more secure than traditional phone calling since the calls are made over the internet, and they are end to encrypted. However, if you want to record Whatsapp calls on iPhone or Android, it is a bit complicated than recording a normal call. In this article, we hope to discuss some approaches on how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone and Android.

Whatsapp has become the most popular instant messaging app these days. Whatsapp has over one billion downloads in google play store. Millions of users use WhatsApp daily and billions of messages are sent over WhatsApp. When WhatsApp was first introduced it could only send instant messages, but with added features, now voice calling and video calling is possible with WhatsApp. With these updates, Whatsapp voice calls and video calls became quickly popular. But WhatsApp does not provide any feature to record your video or audio calls. You can send short audio clips to each other but that’s about it. So, we need an alternative method to record WhatsApp calls.

Before we start, we should remind you that sometimes these methods might not work due to hardware differences of the device you use. If so, there is no other choice than recording your call in the most traditional way, which means putting your call on the loudspeaker and record it with another device. But there is a good chance these methods work for you.

Whatsapp uses a technology called Voice over IP (VoIP) to make their calls. This technology is far more advanced and secure than the traditional voice calling through the mobile network. However, if your device supports VoIP call recording this task is just simple steps away. If not this might get more complicated and the apps we have mentioned in this article may not work for you.

How to record Whatsapp calls on Android

There are plenty of voice recording apps in the play store. But most of them do not support VoIP call recording. If you try them you will see that when you try to record WhatsApp calls those apps cannot capture your voice in those calls. Cube ACR works fine on many devices without that issue.

This is most probably the most popular WhatsApp call recorder available. If your device supports VoIP call recordings this app will work without any issue and you can set this app to record all your calls automatically. Just download the app and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Install Call Recorder – Cube ACR app from Play Store.

Step 2. You will see the welcome screen and click Next.

How to record Whatsapp calls Android

Step 3. Then there will be a button saying that “grant permissions” you will have to grant permissions to access your calls and record them.

how to record whatsapp video calls

Step 4. In the next screen, you will have to “enable overlay”. When you click on the button you will be directed to a page and you will have to enable “display over other apps”. By doing this you will be able to display the recording app on top of WhatsApp calling screen.

record whatsapp video calls secretly

Step 5. Then you will have to ” Enable app connector”. By this, the app will be able to identify numbers in your contact list and save each call recording by the name of the contact.

whatsapp call recorder cube acr android

If your device supports VoIP call recording, you are good to go! You can make a call and the cube acr will show up on the caller screen. All your calls will be automatically recorded with the relevant contact name. you can see all these recordings in the app.

whatsapp call recorder app download

However, if your device does not support VoIP calling there will be a  message in the home screen saying that your device does not support VoIP calling. So you will have to disable VoIP call record function in the menu. To do that,

  • Click on the menu in the app which is the three dashed lines in the left top corner of the screen.
  • Go to “recording”
  • Go to VoIP recording and enable the option “ignore VoIP support check”.
  • Now you are all set.

how to record whatsapp calls on android

If the app does not work properly after doing this, most probably you are out of luck. You can try other alternative apps, there is only a little chance they would work properly.

How to record WhatsApp call on iPhone

For Iphones we use a different approach. If you try a voice recorder app on the iPhone you will notice that it also has the same issue as Android as we discussed before. So we use a screen recorder to record WhatsApp calls in this case.

iPhone supports screen recording by default. But if you try to record your screen during a WhatsApp call you should notice that the screen recording app gets shut down. So you won’t be able to record any call with the default screen recorder. However, we are giving you an alternative app that you can try. There is no guarantee that this app will 100% work with the latest apps but you can give it a try.

Using REC screen recorder.

  1. Go to your app store and search for ‘Rec Screen Recorder‘ the app logo is in red and the developed by Pham Manh.
  2. Now you need to add a screen recording feature to your control center to do this.
  3. Open settings and tap on the control center
  4. You will see the customize controls tab, click on it.
  5. You will see two lists; the top list shows the features in already available in the control center, the bottom list shows the features you can add.
  6. Check if you have a screen recording feature on the top list. If it is not available, select it from the bottom list and tap on the small green plus icon to add it to the top list.

Now all your settings are set up, you can make the call and start recording.

  • Open WhatsApp from the menu
  • Click on the calls tab.
  • Open the control center by swiping up.
  • Click and hold the recording icon ( white dot and circle ) and a menu will open
  • Now you will see a list of apps that support screen recording. select the rec app
  • Click on the microphone icon under the apps menu to enable the microphone.
  • Now click on start broadcasting.
  • Close the control panel drawer and start your call.

The app will record everything that happens on your phone after you click start broadcasting. So you can place the call and check the file to see if it is recorded.

After making the call make sure to go to the control panel again and click on stop broadcasting to stop the screen recorder. Otherwise, it will record every activity happening on your phone screen.

So there may be other ways to record WhatsApp calls but we will recommend using these two methods for Android and iPhone. When you recording any call make sure you have the legal right to record it.

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