How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

Do you feel continually trouble to reach someone over your phone? Do you feel someone neglect your text messages over and over again? Or the phone line being forever engaged or busy every time you ring a person? Then, there is a fair chance for you have been blocked! If you are still anxious to know the bitter truth, why not go directly ask from him/ her? Oh, no! We all know the feeling of embarrassment and awkwardness lying behind when asking such a question.

Although the Android phones have a call blocking feature, unfortunately, there is no such built-in feature as push notifications to know you have been blocked by someone. So, here are 5 proven hacks to make sure if someone has blocked your number on an Android.

Hack 1: Make a call. Listen to the ringing tone.

Dial the phone number of the person whom you think has blocked you. If

  • the callee’s phone rings more than 3 – 5 times and subsequently,
  • the call diverts to voicemail or the Message Bank. (Optional: if only the callee is using a network career offering voicemail as a basic feature),

it is the NORMAL CASE and knows that you are NOT BLOCKED!

But in the opposite, if you experience either of the below cases, you might be BLOCKED!

Case 1: Check how fast you direct to voicemail.

  • If the callee’s phone rings ONCE and,
  • directly diverts to voicemail.

Case 2: Automated voice messages are never a good sign.

An automated voice message similar to ‘The number you’ve dialed is currently busy. Please try later’ or ‘The customer you’re trying to reach is unavailable’ prompt.

Case 3: Check you hear a busy signal.

A busy tone or a ‘beep-beep line’ is played and the call drops abruptly.

NOTE: A single call with the chaos of reaching the callee can’t deduce you’re blocked. You need to watch closely calling this contact multiple times from time to time. Because, possibilities like contact’s phone being switched off, poor network coverage, or the contact person having set ALL calls to divert to voicemail temporarily can also be reasons for having a hardship for you to call him/ her at a particular time.

Hack 2: Or Make a call disabling the Caller ID.

1. Open ‘Settings‘ app in the app drawer of your Android phone.

2. Under ‘Device’ header, select ‘Call Settings’.

Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on Android

3. Tap ‘Voice Call’ -> Go to ‘Additional Settings’ or ‘Supplementary Services.

4. Tap on ‘Show My Caller ID’.

how to tell if someone blocked your number android

5. Select ‘Hide Number’ on the pop-up menu and tap ‘Cancel’ to leave the menu.

how to know if someone blocked your number

6. Call the number.

NOTE: The menu names could be vary depending on the Android version. Nevertheless, the steps are similar.

Once you disable the caller ID, your contact number will not be visible for all outgoing calls. Therefore, if your number isn’t blocked, but if she/ he simply ignores your calls, there is a high chance for the callee to answer your call unknowingly or at least the contact’s phone will ring normally if he/she isn’t in a position to answer a call right away. But, if it isn’t the case, we are sorry, you’re blocked.

NOTE: Disabling the caller ID is not possible if the network carrier has disabled the feature. In that case, try Hack 3.

Hack 3: Why not calling from another number.

One of the easiest methods to verify whether someone blocked your number is calling from another number. If the person answers the call when you’re calling from another number or at a minimum, if the call rings as described in the ‘NORMAL CASE’ above, then the possibility is high for your number to have been blocked in their phone.

REMEMBER: If you call from another phone number except the usual (e.g.: work phone number or another mobile number), make sure it is a phone number unsaved by the callee under your name. Because, if they have blocked you from their contact list, all the saved contact numbers of yours will block.

Hack 4: Got WhatsApp? Send a text.

Having a user base over 2 billion, WhatsApp is the biggest messaging app of the decade. So, both you and your contact may use WhatsApp. If it is the case, you can send a text over WhatsApp to your contact and check the progress of the message delivery. If a ‘double tick’ mark appears in the corner of your sent message, it means the text is delivered to the contact. In other words, you’re not blocked. If it isn’t the case even after you wait for quite a long time. Then, there is a good chance that your number is blocked.

Hack 5: Last but not least, delete the person’s contact details and search for the deleted name on ‘Contacts’ app.

  1. Open ‘Contacts’ app in your app drawer.
  2. Tap and select the name of the person whom you doubt have blocked you, from the contact list.
  3. Note down his contact details separately. (To save the number later again)
  4. Tap on the three vertical dots or else ‘More’ on the top right corner of the contact’s home screen.
  5. Tap ‘Delete’ on the pop-up menu.
  6. Now you have deleted the contact, open the ‘Contacts’ app again.
  7. Tap on ‘Search’ bar.
  8. Type the previously deleted ‘Contact Name’ on the ‘Search’ bar.

If the contact name doesn’t appear as a suggestion, once again we’ve got you the ultimate bitter truth. You’re blocked! If not, you’re still the lucky clover.

Alternative Hack: Spoof or fake caller ID.

Are you willing to pay to know if someone blocked you? Then you can use an Android app or a website providing spoofing services. SpoofCard, SpoofTel, Covert Calling are popular examples of spoofing services accessible from an Android over the internet. You can disguise your caller ID to any number you want with this service. For example, if you know a phone number of one of the callee’s closed contact, you can disguise your number to his/ her. Therefore, you can know you’re blocked if the person doesn’t answer your calls but answer the disguised call.

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