iPhone 12 Wallpapers: 15+ Great 4K HDR Images for an OLED Display

The iPhone 12/13/14/15 Series is equipped with an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, consuming less battery while displaying dark colors. OLED displays are not only tiny and energy-efficient, but they also give the highest picture quality available, and they can be made translucent, flexible, foldable, and even rollable and stretchy in the future, allowing for a variety of applications. OLEDs are the technology of the future in terms of display technology!

To get the most from the new OLED screen, you can test these new 15 iPhone 12 wallpapers for 2023 on your iPhone. The photos presented are compressed, the original wallpaper versions are downsized. They are intended for preview only. Please visit the download link at the bottom of the wallpaper to get the high-quality full-resolution image.

1) Lava Highway

Beautiful Highway timelapse wallpaper captured by Eric Weber in Zurich, Switzerland.

Lava Highway -iphone 12 wallpaper

Download here.

2) Abstract Purple Aesthetic Wallpaper for iPhone

There are two versions available on this wallpaper. (Red & Purple)

Abstract Wallpaper Aesthetic iphone

Download Purple & Black | Red & Black

3) Sunset at Manhattan Bridge

iphone 12 4k wallpaper dark


4) Greenery trees and mountains for nature lovers

iphone 12 4k wallpaper mountains nature

Download here.

5) Beautiful Sunrise – Seascape

iphone wallpaper sunrise


6) Ocean Waves – Dark Wallpaper for iPhone

iphone wallpaper ocean waves dark


7) Forest

iphone wallpaper nature trees 2021

Get here

8) Night Stars

iphone wallpaper night stars


9) Pink and Blue

iphone wallpaper hdr


10) Aesthetic Sky Clouds

Aesthetic sky clouds - IPHONE WALLPAPER


11) Red Rose in Dark Room

Red Rose in Dark Room iphone image

Download here

12) Milky way during the night

Milky way during the night iphone wallpaper dark


13) Full Moon

iphone wallpaper moon

Go here to download

14) Body of water

water blue wallpaper iphone


15) Amazing view of Golden Gate

amazing view of Golden Gate - iphone hd wallpaper

Go here to download the high-resolution wallpaper.

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