How to Reset Samsung Tablet to Factory Settings

If you own a Samsung tablet and it is acting slow and weird, it may be time for you to reset your device. This will get the device back into the factory state and most of your problems will be fixed. In this article, we hope to discuss how to reset Samsung tablet and what the effects of it.

What happens when you reset your Samsung tablet?

Resetting your device is a thing you should not do if only it is necessary. Especially if you are not a person who does not know how to backup everything and recover them you should not go for a reset. Reset is the option you should follow if only all other options fail to fix your device.

When you reset a device all the data in this device will be erased and the device will have just the default settings and apps it had when it left the factory. All the other data in the internal storage will be cleared. Following are the data that will be cleared when you factory reset your Samsung tablet.

  • All photos, videos, music, and other files in the internal storage.
  • The apps you have installed in your device other than the system default apps
  • All the email accounts, social media accounts, and other types of accounts are linked to your device.
  • All the contacts in your device.
  • All the software updates that are done to your device.
  • So if you have not done a proper backup of all these data, you will lose these data and it is impossible to recover this data after the reset.

Hard reset vs Factory reset

There are usually two methods to reset your device, These methods are called hard reset and soft reset. Hard reset means you can reset the device at the startup by getting into the boot menu by pressing a combination of keys and reset the device. Soft reset or the factory reset can be done by the device settings once you turn on the device. Both these methods give the same result but if your device is crashed and you cannot turn on the device properly you should do a hard reset since you cannot do a factory reset by going into the settings app of the tab.

Things to do before resetting your Samsung tab

Most people face difficulties after resetting their device. They either cannot recover the data they need or cannot log into the email accounts and social media accounts they were logged into. So before resetting your device here are some things you should check.

  • Move all your photos, videos, and music to a different device or sync your device with cloud storage and upload them to the cloud.
  • Sync your contacts, messages, and chat backups (in apps like WhatsApp and Viber) with cloud storage and backup them.
  • If you are using your phone as 2FA on any social media app or using an app like Google authenticator to log into an account, make sure you remove that option from those accounts.
  • And finally, and most importantly, check the email you have set up in the google account on your device and make sure you remember the password of that account and you can log back into the same account after you reset your device.

How to Reset your Samsung tablet

1. Reset your tablet from settings (Soft reset)

If you can turn on the device and function as usual you should do a soft reset.

1. Open the menu and go to the settings app.

2. Then go to General management.

factory data reset samsung android

3. Click on Reset.

How to Reset your Samsung android tablet

4. Then you will be asked to enter the pin or the password if you have set one for your device.

5. Enter it and then click OK.

Reset Samsung tablet data

6. Review the information shown on the page and click on Reset.

If the reset option is not available in the path we said here, check under the ‘System’ or ‘About this device’ section. If not check under ‘Privacy

Once you hit reset the device will erase all the data. It may restart several times then you will be asked to set up the device again.

2. Hard reset your Samsung tablet

As we said before hard reset is resetting your device by going into the boot menu. This should be performed if your device crashes at startup. But if you have not backed up your data in any way, it is very risky to reset your device this way since there is no way to recover your data.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Locate the power button and volume up button. these are usually on the right side of the device.
  3. Press and hold both buttons at once, the device will start, and when the logo appears release both buttons.
  4. If you do the previous three steps properly, you should get the boot menu, which is a blue/green color menu on the dark screen. If you do not get this menu. Turn off the device again and repeat the steps.
  5. In the boot menu, you can use volume up and down keys to navigate through options and select the option you want by pressing the power key.
  6. Go to wipe data/factory reset option and select it.
  7. Your device will reset within a couple of minutes.

How to Restore Data After Resetting Your Device.

After resetting your device you will have to set up all the things from the beginning This is why backing up all your data is very important since all the backups can be recovered if you have set them up properly.

Make sure you log into the same Google account which you previously had set up in the device to recover contacts and other settings. If you are using WhatsApp and Viber you can use the same phone number and those apps will download your chat backups from the cloud. If you had set up your phone as 2FA for any account you use, you will have to set them up again.


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