How to Enable Dark Mode (Night Mode) on Facebook

Earlier 2019, Facebook announced its plans to introduce a new design for desktop and mobile platforms. It will have a lot of considerable changes. One of them is removing the top signature blue banner across the web app.

But the more important feature of this new layout is its dark mode. Due to this, your eyes will not get tired quickly while you are doing endless scrolling through Facebook news feed at night.

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Desktop?

If you are a teammate of the Facebook testing group, then you can try this mode now. When you log into Facebook next time, you will be asked to select a mode from two options. These two options are light mode and dark mode. If you select the dark mode then you can have the newly designed dark mode in your desktop. But this is currently at the testing stage.

There is no need to worry for those who are not in the testing team. Because this feature will be available soon for everyone in the world. Meanwhile, you can enable Google Chrome’s force dark mode and have the experience of dark mode for Facebook. But this does not look 100% the same as the Facebook official dark theme. But it is almost the same.

How to enable Google Chrome’s Force Mode?

Be sure that your Chrome browser is up to date with the latest version. If you are not sure, then follow the below steps.

1. Open the main menu in the Chrome Browser.

2. Select “Help”

3. Then select “About Google Chrome” Chrome will automatically search for available updates and install them.

4. Now type chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in Chrome’s address bar.

5. Change the value of the first drop-down box you find from “Default” to “Enabled”.

6. To apply the changes you have to relaunch the browser. So before relaunching save your work if you have any unsaved work.

When you visit any website after reopening the Chrome, you can see all the sites have converted their appearance to the dark mode, including Facebook. But this is not perfect. Because sometimes the color conversion of images does not happen properly. But its overall performance is good.

If you want the “Default” mode again, then go to chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and change the value to “Default” in the drop-down box.

How to Activate Facebook Dark Mode on Mobile?

There is still no dark mode option for the Facebook mobile app. But Manchun Wong who is a famous app researcher has discovered a piece of evidence for its development. We expect that the dark mode theme for the Facebook mobile app will also be released when the new design for desktop is officially released.

At present, you can not change your whole Facebook mobile app to the dark mode. But still, there is an option to apply dark mode to your messenger app on your Android or iOS app.

  • Open the messenger app.
  • Click on your profile picture which is visible in the top-left corner.
  • The new page will be opened. In there you will find a toggle button named “Dark Mode”. Toggle it on.
    If you are a dark theme lover then try the above-mentioned alternatives to get a dark mode for Facebook until the official redesign is released. And feel free to put a comment in the comment section if you have any queries related to this.

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  1. Facebook dark mode feature is a very nice feature that has been introduced to the Facebook app. this way, we can actually use the app in low lights without having to worry about the brightness of the app. thank you for your very useful and well-informed article, I really appreciate it.


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