How to Activate Dark Mode in Instagram on Android Devices

If you are an Instagram influencer or an Instagram lover who spends much time on Instagram then this post will be useful for you. You know that Instagram has a bright white layout in default. This bright layout causes eye fatigue when you look at the screen so much time without a break.

Especially, this happens when you are in dimly lit settings. As the solution for this, you can switch from normal bright white mode to a dark mode on Instagram on your Android phone. This dark mode feature supports not only the Android phones but also the iOS too. But here we are only talking about the process on Android.

Steps to Apply Dark Mode in Instagram on Android

First of all, I must say to get Instagram’s dark mode feature on your Android phone; you must update it to Android 10. If your device is currently running on the latest Android version then that is fine. But if it is not, then you have to upgrade the phone’s OS to Android 10. To update

Go to Settings->System->System Update

After updating to Android 10, you can switch on the dark mode by following one of the below methods.

Method 1

Go to Settings->Display->Dark theme

Method 2

By turning on “Battery Saving Mode”

Battery saving mode and dark mode are connected together. Because dark mode saves the phone’s battery life. So if you turn on battery saving mode in your phone, it will automatically change its theme to dark mode. To switch on Battery saving mode,

Go to Settings->Battery->Battery Saver

Open Instagram and enjoy the dark mode experience now.

You can have this dark theme in the Instagram app until you switch off the dark mode in your phone settings. Because you can not switch off and on this dark mode inside Instagram, it can only be done using phone settings.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding these processes, you can comment on them in the comment section. We are always here to answer them and clear your doubts.

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