How Old is My iPhone: 3 Easy Ways to Find iPhone Age

We normally use a phone till it’s broken or it becomes too slow to use with the new apps. On average an iPhone user uses iPhone for about five years. So, it is common for us to forget how old our phone is. So today we hope to discuss different ways to find the iPhone age.

Now when it comes to the age of the iPhone there are two dates which we should consider,

  1. Production date of the iPhone: This is the date when the iPhone was produced by the factory and shipped out from the factory. This date is not much important. Because it takes weeks, or months to come to the product to the store and again it takes another period to be purchased by a customer. All in together it might take nearly 3-4 months for iPhone to be actually “used” by a user from the date it was produced.
  2. Purchased date of the iPhone: This is the date you should be more concerned about. When you buy an iPhone, Apple gives you a warranty of one year. By knowing this date, you can calculate the date on which your iPhone was purchased.

In this article, we will give you three methods to find the age of the iPhone. You can try each method and find the best one that suits you.

Why you should check the age of your iPhone

It’s good to always keep track of the age of your iPhone. This is useful for many reasons

  • If you have used your phone for more than five years, it’s time for you to prepare to go for a new phone. You can use the current phone till it becomes unusable, but make sure you keep a backup of all the data in your phone to your PC or cloud.
  • If you get a repair in your phone, considering the age of your phone, it might be profitable to buy a new one.
  • When you resell a phone, age becomes a key factor. So if you wish to resell the phone and buy a new one, you might check the age of the phone and resell it before it becomes less valuable in the market.
  • When you are buying a second-hand phone, you should check how long it has been used. Otherwise, you might end up getting a very old phone without knowing it.

Find the serial number of your iPhone.

The serial number of your iPhone is unique to your phone. It is given by the manufacture to identify the device. When you give your iPhone to repair or to resell, your phone is identified by the serial.If you want to check the age of your iPhone you should first know the serial number of your iPhone. Follow the below steps to get your serial number of your iPhone

To get the serial number of your phone,

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to the general tab.
  3. Scroll down to about
  4. Now you will see a description panel about your phone. In there you can get the serial number.

Find iPhone age from the apple website

On the Apple website, there is a page to check the warranty period of your phone. From this page, you can get the date which the warranty expires. Follow the steps below to see the warranty period of your iPhone.

To see these dates you need to go to the Check coverage webpage on

  1. Go to the webpage.
  2. Enter the serial number of the iPhone ( you can enter the serial number of any Apple device)
  3. On the next page, you will be able to see the date on which your warranty expires.

Now, since apple’s manufactures warranty is usually one year long, you can get the date which the iPhone was purchased. Then you can calculate the age of the iPhone. In this method, you get the purchased date of the iPhone which is the actual usage time of the iPhone.

But the thing is if your iPhone is more than one year old you might not see the warranty expiry date. So, you will have to find the iPhone age using another method.

Find iPhone age using Online tool: chipmunk

Chipmunk is a website that gives you the production details of your iPhone. It is a fully trusted and safe website that is used by many Apple users. This website provides you a ton of details about your phone. Some of them are CPU speed, screen resolution, and even the factory in which the device was shipped out.  The most important information on this website is the production year and the production week of your iPhone, not the purchased date. But it could still be useful.

To check the production date of your iPhone

  1. Go to this website.
  2. Type in your serial number and click on show information
  3. Now information about your phone will be shown. You can see the production date of your iPhone.

On this page, you can see the production year and the production week. Which is close to the actual purchase date.

Find your iPhone age by serial number

When you look at the serial number of your iPhone there is some information that you can extract from the serial number itself. One of the information is the manufacture year.


Your serial number should look similar to this. In this number by looking at the 4th character, you can find the age of your iPhone. Refer to the table below to find the age.

Letter Year Quarter
K 2013 Q1
L 2013 Q3
M 2014 Q1
N 2014 Q3
P 2015 Q1
Q 2015 Q3
R 2016 Q1
S 2016 Q3
T 2017 Q1
V 2017 Q3
W 2018 Q1
X 2018 Q3
Y 2019 Q1
Z 2019 Q3

Now as you can see you cannot get the age of the iPhone that was built after 2019. So it is better to check the age using the method 1 and 2.

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