How to Get Verified on Discord: The Definitive Guide

If you are a gamer and play many online multiplayer games, you are not probably new to Discord. Discord has become the most famous chatting app for gamers. Around a quarter billion users use Discord and it has taken the gamer community by the storm! Today we discuss some of the features of Discord and how to get verified on Discord.

What is discord used for?

For people who are not familiar with Discord, Discord is simply a communication app such as WhatsApp, skype, or messenger. But this app is specially built for gamers where they can create servers and join existing servers creating larger communities. Discord supports Voice calling, video calling, and text messaging over servers and directly via users. There are plenty of servers built-in Discord for different purposes, and as a user, you can join around 100 servers. Each server can have 500,000 members maximum. These basic features have taken the attraction of the gaming community to Discord other than any messaging app available. Besides just chatting, you can do some awesome stuff in Discord such as screen sharing, playing background music, creating channels, and so much more. If you check out twitch channels, you will find out that many of the twitch streamers have discord servers.

What is getting verified on social media?

With the popularity of social media, now we have larger communities, fan bases over almost every famous artist, product, or even for things like memes! These artists, content creators, and other people and organizations who are popular for whatever reason have social media channels on different platforms. But the thing is, if you are searching for some business or brand on the internet, you might get so many results on any social media platform, and you might not be able to locate the ‘genuine’ account or the page which is owned by the real entity. So getting verified means that the social media platform verifies the genuine account so that the fans can easily distinguish the real account among the fake ones.

So if you own a brand/business or a figure of public interest, you may want to verify all your social media accounts and profiles related to that so your customers/fans can find them easily.

The benefits of getting a verified discord server.

If you have a discord server with a lot of members, you might think to get it verified. So what do you get when you own a verified discord server? First of all, you can have a unique custom URL for your server. You can invite your fans to the server with this URL. Then you will have the verified badge on your server. Getting verified is a big step for people to establish their fan base quickly and grow it. People tend to join verified servers rather than just random servers. So if you even have a small fan base in your discord server you better get it verified.

Who can get verified on Discord?

Not everyone can get verified on Discord. Discord verifies accounts and servers which belongs to the following categories:

• Professional Esport team or team member
• Game publishers
• Game developer
• Spotify verified musical artists.

Since Discord focuses on the gaming community only above mentioned categories are verified on Discord. If you do not belong to any of these categories you can try out becoming a Discord partner. This also verifies your server but this verification is not as same as the verification given to these categories.

If you have a fan-run server you might not be able to get a verified badge on your server. Discord strictly looks at who owns the server. If the person who owns the server is not connected to the brand/ business or the company which the server is based on, they will reject the application. So to get verified you need to own the brand/business which is related to the server you own in Discord.

Requirements For Discord Verification

To get your server verified on Discord you should first fill these following requirements.

  1. The person who is applying for the verification must be the owner of the server.
  2. When applying, it’s advised to use a formal email address which is directly related to the brand/business.
  3. If there are other social media accounts which is related, they should be authenticated too.
    Other than this each category should fulfill the following things when they are applying.
    If you are a game developer or publisher team:

    • You should have an original game up and running; Mods for existing games are not accepted.
    • The applicant should be someone from the development team or the developer himself.

If you are an eSports team or organization:

• Your Team /organization should have attended recognized gaming tournaments in the past.
• The server should be owned and operated by the organization itself.

If you are a music artist:

• You should be a Spotify verified artist with a decent amount of monthly listeners.
• The server should be primarily focused on the artist or the music.
• The server should be owned by the music artist or the record label.

Application Process.

If you want to apply for verification, go to and click on Apply now button to begin the application.

1. Getting started.

Your User name and email address will be shown on the top of the application. Make sure you are logged in from the correct account which you want to apply for verification.

Then there will be options for you to select on the ‘what type of server are you looking to verify?’ section. Select the correct option on the list. And click next.Filling out the information
Now you have to fill out the information about the brand/business you apply for.

• First Name/ Last Name: enter the first name and the last name of the person applying for the verification.

• Entity Name: This is the brand name or the business name. If you are a developer/musical artist who is filling out the information by yourself, you can just put your name here. If your fans know you by any other name other than your real name you can use it here.

• Website: If you have a website, mention it here. Note that the website you mention should be owned by the business or brand which you are applying to verify.

• Title: IF you are a representative applying for an organization, you should mention which position you hold. Ex: Digital marketing manager.

• Select the server: select the server you want to verify; the list will show you the servers you own. Make sure you select the correct one.

• Share a permeant invite: Go to your server and get an invite link. Then paste it here.

2. Connecting social media accounts

Finally, you will have to connect social media accounts to Discord. You can connect twich, twitter, Reddit, Youtube, and Facebook for this. If your social media accounts are verified on these platforms, your application will get verified quickly on Discord. If you are a developer or a game studio, make sure you connect your GitHub account too.

3. Submission

Once you completed all the steps check again if you have missed something and click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions of Discord. Then you can submit the application form to Discord.

It will take about five business days for the discord team to review your application and verify your account. If your account is rejected from getting verified make sure you check all the requirements and submit your application again.

Losing the server verification.

If you do not follow the community guidelines of Discord, you can lose your verified status anytime. So make sure you do the following things.

• Keep your server active. Do not keep it inactive.
• Do not transfer the server’s ownership to a third party that is not connected to the business or the brand.
• Do not promote hate/violence/racism
• Do not harass others
• Do not try to sell the verified server.

If you have further inquiries about getting verified, you can contact the discord team via or fill out a request from Keep in mind that sometimes Discord does not apply any request to verify servers for some time. So if you have submitted a request and got rejected, you better apply again.

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