How to Create & Post Reels on Instagram – Complete Tutorial

Instagram is a worldwide reputed social medium, updating with the latest features & facilities day by day & eagerly being used by millions of users. It is a nice image & video sharing application, which belongs to Facebook, Inc. The tiny app launched in consequence of the great commitment of Facebook Corporation, Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger, & limited merely to iOS platforms, has now invaded every nook & corner of cyberspace, allowing its users to have a vast amusement by making new friends & followers & enjoying the versatile media files such as photos, videos & audios.

Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

Recently, the world’s one of the most impressive topics, pertaining to human entertainment, was the newly introduced app Tiktok. So, Instagram Reels can also be named by the nickname “Instagram’s TikTok”, considering the similarity of functionality in both of these. On the other hand, it can also be acquainted as a TikTok clone. Instagram reels are fully capable of replacing TikTok.

In fact, it is unwanted to install Instagram reels as a single app, but an integrated feature of the Instagram application. Therefore, it must be more affordable & easier for the enormous assemblage of users gathered around Instagram, throughout the world

Here, all the Instagram users are allowed to shoot 15-second videos, as you’ve observed in TikTok videos & also to upload them for their audience.

Although TikTok has now been prohibited under some cultural circumstances, Instagram reels are still keeping its goodwill, sparing its original demand. Therefore, as a creator of Instagram reels, Instagram expects you to keep this goodwill forever, without getting any legal case or complaint upon the corporation.

Have you ever heard of Instagram Reels?

The modern feature of entertainment, Instagram reels is added to the camera section of your Instagram profile.

The users are capable of inserting AR effects, filters & audio parts, extracted externally to the 15-second video & also uploading it on their feed & also observing feed apart from that.

This latest facility was first revealed by Instagram for its enormous client community in Brazil, Germany, France & India respectively. It is so glad to state that, Instagram reels also, allow you to create short & sweet videos based on famous songs, different challenges or adventurous activities & trending affairs, occurring currently throughout the world. Besides, they can insert stickers, filters & also can use convenient editing tools during the process of creating this short video.

Step-by-step Guide to prepare reels on Instagram

Actually, the procedure of creating Instagram reels is extremely convenient & simple, but it is essential to get the reels option on your Instagram account. Most of the people are provided this capability under Gadgets 360, but some of them are not provided.

First & foremost, it is fundamental to have your own Instagram account. So, I would skip that step, turning towards the main objective of this article. Once you’ve created it, you can proceed.

All the users may not have received this update as this feature was just a test. Therefore, if you’ve not ever got this facility, please go to App store Or Play Store & install the new update, if it is available.

1. First, start the Instagram app.

2. On the top left extremity of the interface, a symbol of a camera is displayed. Tap on it to proceed.

how to create reels on instagram

3. Then, you will be able to notice some options, appear at the bottom of the interface, among them, select Reels.

how to make reels on instagram

  • Now you can create any sort of video clip, according to your will. But keep in mind that, any of your creation must be limited to 15 seconds. The additional options, mentioned below, would definitely beautify your performance many times, beyond its original primitive stage.
  • Tap on the big white circle icon to start recording & the very button can be used to pause recording.
  • Another additional benefit is that you are able to switch among front camera & rearview camera simultaneously, while in the procedure of making a reel.

Extra effects for a more persuasive clip

  • Look at the icons, displayed on the left side of the window. You can insert a few effects before you start recording, using those options.
  • Browsing effect gallery, you are able to add more effects upon your Instagram reel.
    • Open the camera of Instagram as usual.
    • Hold down the icon “Effects”.
    • More effects can be inserted by scrolling towards the right extremity of the effects tray.
  • Choose the icon “Effects” & then select “AR effects”, in order to insert AR effects on your Instagram reel. AR effects allow you to display your name with the reel, you are going to publish on the community.
  • You can use the desired effect giving the option of trying.
  • If you need to keep some particular effect for future usage, you can save it & it will be stored under the default filters of your device.

Speed up the flow of video

  • The right arrow icon, similar to a typical “play” button can be used for adjusting the speed of recording.
  • The speed can be adjusted from 0.3×, up to 3× beyond the normal speed.
  • By tapping & swiping right the smiley emoji button on the big white circle icon, you can add various effects, to make your tiny video clip more innovative. You would see the available effects, & then you can choose what you think to be applicable.

Music tracks & songs as you’re willing.

  • Tap on the music icon on the left side of the window.
  • An added quality is that the lyrics can be seen on the screen.
  • You can make a selection of your favorite songs, browsing the music library of Instagram.
  • You can select any part of a particular song as you desire.
  • Instagram reels are really more beneficial than TikTok, as TikTok lets you to choose only a specific 30 second part of a particular song. But here, you are allowed to extract what the part of each track that you expect to be in your creation.
  • You can make lip-sync videos inserting music before recording.
  • Also, you are capable of recording your own voice instead of lip-syncing.
  • By combining the music after the recording of video adding a cool soundtrack to it.

Duration & setting timer.

  • You can get ready yourself & record yourself, as there is a three-second timer under the options of Instagram reels.
  • Hold down the icon, indicated by a symbol of a countdown timer & fix the total duration of your video (0.1 to 15 seconds) & then hold down the “Set Timer” button. The timer is set now.

Instagram Stories vs. Instagram reels

You can select the desired audience, after recording your reel. Actually, Instagram stories distinctively differ from Instagram reels, as they can be observed by every user on the platform, when they are shared in the Explore section.

If you prefer in making Instagram reels, I suppose, it is essential to have a guide not only on the creation of an Instagram reel but also how to post & disable them as well.

How to post Instagram reels, as you wish?

The broadness of your audience depends on what type of an Instagram account, you are using for posting your reels. If you are willing your Instagram reel, being watched by a broader community on Instagram, it is the best method to, share them via the explore section, using a public Instagram account. In a public Instagram account, you can share them as Instagram stories or DM in order to let your followers watch your videos.

How to Remove Instagram Reel?

  • After signing in to your profile.
  • There is a new tab, including all the 15 seconds reels, uploaded to Instagram stories, or to explore section.
  • Finally, you can disable each Instagram reel, tapping on the three-dotted icon, displayed over each video.

So, I thoroughly believe that hereby you have got a versatile knowledge, based on how to create an attractive Instagram reel, with an utmost optimum usage of the latest resources & characteristics, added by Instagram via the capability of making these entertainment-oriented short videos. Therefore, as an Instagram user, any of you can easily test yourself this nice opportunity of exhibiting your extraordinary skills before a massive community, making new followers & allowing them for sheer amusement. But, be responsible enough, not to corrupt any social, cultural, or religious value via your Instagram reels, being greedy upon more & more followers. The entertainment, provided by you, must definitely be polite & correct, with no harm upon the self-dignity of yours & anyone else.

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