5 Best Free and Paid Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Sometimes you may have to discuss an important matter with your colleague or your business partner via a phone call. Recording that call will let you refer to that discussion later. Unfortunately, you can not have built-in call recorder apps on your iPhone to record calls. Since it is illegal to record calls in many countries, Apple has not designed built-in call recording apps for iPhones.

So if you want to record calls, then you will have to keep faith in third-party call recording apps on the App store. The best call recorder apps can record both incoming as well as outgoing calls on your iPhone. iPhone call recording apps can be categorized into two types. The first one is recording your calls on the app’s servers and accessing them using your credentials. The second one is recording calls on the phone itself.

With the first type, you should make a call to the phone number of the call recorder app before making a call to your contact person. Once two outgoing calls are connected, you should merge to start recording. Then, your call will be recorded and saved in the app’s third-party servers. To access them, you have to use your registered account. Third-party servers are not found in the second type. It consists of a VOIP app and the Internet to make calls. Calls are recorded directly into the phone’s memory.

Common features of both methods are the ability to download the call records to a computer and the ability to upload them to the cloud. It is a somewhat difficult task to select the best recording app as there are numerous call recording apps in the App store. Don’t worry. Here we are presenting 5 best free and paid call recorder apps for your iPhone. You can choose the best option from them according to your requirements. Let’s get started.

Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone 2022

Note: Before trying any of the below apps, it is better to check the regulations of your country. Because call recording is not a legal thing in most of the countries.

TapeACall Pro

This app can record both incoming as well as outgoing calls without any recording time limitations or call limitations. You can make unlimited call recordings for a flat fee which is $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year. Before purchasing the app, you can have a 7-day trial period to test the app. This app is the best option for those who have to conduct telephonic interviews frequently.

To record a call, tap on the record button during a call, and then a 3-way call is made. Next, you have to tap on the merge calls option. Now the call recording will be started now. Normally your call records are saved in the TapeCall server. You can transfer them from the TapeCall server to your new devices. You can download them to your computer or upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote. If you want, you can even email them, share them on social media, or send them via SMS.

TapeACall Pro allows you to label your recordings. So you can easily and quickly find the exact recording in the future.

DownloadTapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

Call Recorder-IntCall

best call recorder apps for iphone

With this app, you can record outgoing calls only. The special feature of this app is that all the call recordings, it records are private and they are saved on your iPhone memory without saving them on third-party servers.

If you want to use IntCall, then you should purchase additional credits. Apart from that, it will charge you per minute for recording calls. Though this charge is 10 cents per minute, it varies depending on the country. You can have a free trial for 3 days.

To record voice calls, you should make calls using the app directly. That means you have to dial the contact number you want using the built-in dial pad of the app. You can play the recorded calls on your iPhone. To make searching easy, you can put a title for every record. Moreover, you can sync these records to your computer with iTunes, upload them to Google Drive and Dropbox and email them.

Recordings are not limited to national calls. You can record international calls too. All calls are created via the Internet and VOIP server. So your carrier will not charge for the calls you are making. Even a SIM is not required to install on your iPhone to make calls. But your internet connection should be good.

DownloadCall Recorder – IntCall 

Call Recorder by CallTap

CallTap allows you to record not only incoming calls but also the outgoing calls too. This is a private and very secure app because their privacy policy says that they will never share your data with any third parties and they will never track you either.

You can record unlimited calls as well as do recordings for an unlimited time. If you have only a few calls to record, then the better option is buying minute packages. If not, then you can buy a subscription. If you feel that you do not want the membership anymore, you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.

Additionally, CallTap offers you a transcription feature. It will transcribe the recorded calls into 30 various languages and dialects. Once again, the number of transcriptions you can create is unlimited.

Further, you can upload your records or transcription to Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, email them, send via SMS and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

To record an outgoing call, first, you should open the CallTap app. Then tap on start recording. Next dial the number you want or select the contact number you want from the address book. Now the app will automatically make a call to the nearest service number first and then a call to the contact number you selected. When the call is connected, you have to tap on the “merge calls” option and the app will start to record.

To record an incoming call, you have to answer the call first. Then open CallTap and tap on record. Now the CallTap service number will be dialled, and your caller will be put on hold automatically. Once it is connected, tap on the “merge calls” option to start the recording.

DownloadCall Recorder by CallTap

Call Recording by NoNotes

NoNotes will allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls of any length. But the service is limited to North America and the United Kingdom. Call records are saved in the cloud.

First of all, you have to sign up to the app to use it. Once the signup process is completed, you can start to record calls. Further, you can send the recordings for transcription if you wish.

Every month you can have a free recording for 20 minutes. If you need more minutes, then you can buy it.

Moreover, it will allow you to email your call records and share them on Facebook. You can also use this app for dictation.

If you want high-quality recordings with less disturbance, then this is the best call recording app for you.

DownloadCall Recording by NoNotes

Call Recorder Pro

You can record both types of calls-incoming and outgoing with Call Recorder Pro. It will even let you download the call records. Further, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter, message them via iMessage, email them, and upload them to Dropbox.

Here also, a 3-way calling method is used, and records are saved in their servers. To record the calls, you should purchase credits. You can have 300 minutes recording time for $10. You can also purchase 150 minutes of recording time for $5 or 30 minutes recording time for $1.

DownloadCall Recorder Pro for iPhone

Additional Tips

If you do not trust third-party apps, you can use a device that is dedicated for call recordings. You will not be charged on each call. These call recorder devices save the call recordings in their device memory. Examples for such devices are “Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone” & “RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording Device”

Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone (Free and Paid)

We have provided you 5 Best Free and Paid Call Recorder Apps for iPhone. Most of them are pricey. But you can select per-minute, monthly, or yearly plans according to your requirements. It will reduce your overall cost. Try them and do not forget to let us know your selection.

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